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Our Constitution

We believe that having a constitution is important, because without a written understanding, people could easily find themselves at cross purposes and then the job of the Association would not get done. It also serves as a reference, and helps to resolve problems in times of controversy.

The document shows that the Association is democratic and accountable by having a clear procedure by which decisions are made.


Minutes of Executive Meetings


Police Connect Messaging System

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We highly recommend for everyone to sign up to Police Connect, the free message alert system from the constabulary. People can choose how they would like to receive messages - by any combination of either telephone, mobile or email.

People can register on-line  or for those people without internet services, there is an option to complete and send off a paper form - which can be viewed and downloaded from here.

A-Z of Crime Prevention

It is always important that we take time to think about crime prevention.

The constabulary provide an A-Z of of crime prevention via their website which offers advice and checklists for people to consider.

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Get Tool S.M.A.R.T

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Help deter the number of thefts of power tools.

These crimes mainly consist of burglaries to sheds, garages and works vans.

By securing, marking and registering your tools (SMART) it will help to deter and solve any crimes.

Owners should consider recording serial numbers of their tools, as it gives the constabulary a great start investigating any theft. Quite often the constabulary get left with tools that have been recovered, but are unable to be traced to the owners so that they can be returned. 

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