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There are a number of initiatives that involve communities working in partnership with local agencies and organisations. We believe these form a keycontributiontowards keeping the countyof Suffolk safe, whilst at the same timere-inforcing the commitment of ourcommunities.

Suffolk Community Speed Watch

Police forces across the country implementingCommunity Speed Watch(CSW)can show a reduction in overall average speeds, and a significant reduction in drivers travelling well above the speed limit.

The aim of Suffolk Community Speed Watchis to reduce speeds and make drivers aware that speeding is unacceptable.The aim is NOT to catch as many speeders as possible.Suffolk Constabulary always welcome Speed Watch volunteers, and if you are interested in joining, orsetting up a local Speed Watch schemewhere you live, then please contact yourSafer Neighbourhood Teamnearest to where you live.

What are the benefits?

  • Fewer fatalities and serious injury collisions.
  • Increase in road safety awareness by and for all road users.
  • Enhancing the role of community members as volunteers.
  • Raise awareness of anti-social road use.

Take a look at thisleafletto find out more detail.

Crimestoppers Ambassador

The role of a Crimestoppers Ambassador is to let the people youknow understand the services that Crimestoppers offer to help reduce crime inyour community.

Join Crimestoppers in the fight against crime.If you have any questions or need furtherinformation about the role of anAmbassador, then contact Crimestoppers today viaemail

Alternatively you can write to them at:
PO BOX 324,

You can also visit the Crimestopperswebsitefor more information.

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