Neighbourhood Watch Week 2019

Daily themes unveiled for Neighbourhood Watch Week 17-23 June

Neighbourhood Watch week is fast approaching. Under this year’s theme of #MoreThanYouExpect, each day during the week will focus on an area of work that our volunteers are doing incredible work around.

The daily themes are not meant to be pre-scriptive. If your Watch is hosting an event during the week unrelated to the daily theme, we still want to hear about and promote it. 

Day 1: Good Practice. What’s your Neighbourhood Watch scheme doing well and others could learn from?

Day 2: Serious violence. What is your NW doing to tackle violence, knife crime and muggings?

Day 3: Social isolation. NW is more then crime prevention, we build communities too. What do you do to ensure people aren’t lonely and isolated in your neighbourhood.

Day 4: Burglary. The bread and butter of NW. What innovative ways are there to ensure fewer people are burgled?

Day 5: Intergenerational/young people. Young people have much to gain out of NW, what are you doing to open up NW to them?

Day 6: Scams and fraud. Fraud can be devastating to victims, financially and emotionally. How are you making your area more scam-resilient?

Day 7: Community cohesion. At its fundamental level NW is neighbours talking with one another. How are you encouraging people to say hello? 

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